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Red Tiger Eye

  • Posted on September 23, 2013 at 8:36 pm


Red Tiger Eye (Tiger’s Eye, Tigereye) is a stimulating stone and can support motivation and a more active sex drive. Use Red Tiger Eye with the Root Chakra to ground sexual ideas into the physical world, or to resolve sexual issues that are causing problems in a relationship. Its focus on the lower chakras is what gives red Tiger Eye the power to send higher energies through the organs of the lower half of the body.Red Tiger Eye aids in enhancing confidence and self-esteem. It provides motivation to the non-motivated and energizes those who are feeling lethargic.While all forms of Tiger Eye help to raise vibrations, they also connect these energies to the lower Chakras in balance, which keeps one from feeling disconnected when working with higher goals. Carry Red Tiger Eye in your pocket when you want to add vitality and passion to any project you’re working on. Red Tiger Eye can enhance balance within one’s energy field, and allows one to open up to unconditional love.


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Mystical Properties:Carrying the gemstone as a companion stone will help you to maintain a balance between your spiritual and physical lives. Allowing them to join forces in assisting you to create the life you need.Unakite is excellent at removing obstacles to your personal growth. Whether it is an issue from childhood or last month’s divorce that is draining your energy and holding you back. Meditations with this gemstone will aid in releasing pain and anger that you are having trouble letting go of.You may use Unakite to build your self-confidence, as it strengthens your courage, assisting you in taking control of the aspects of your life that you can yield power over. Giving you confidence to transform anger and fear into positive constructive energies. Like love and compassion for yourself.

Healing Properties:Healers believe that Unakite’s ability to unleash buried emotional pain and to also aid in the body’s healing process.Since many illness begin as an unhealed trauma to our psyche, letting go of emotions you’re clutching to aids the body’s tissue in relaxing on a cellular level. This promotes healthier organs, muscles and soft tissue.Unakite is recommended for a safe pregnancy (as is Moonstone) and the healthy growth of the infant while in its mother’s womb. The gemstone may also be helpful in achieving targeted weight gain to specific areas of the body.


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Basalt is a dark-colored, fine-grained, igneous rock composed mainly of plagioclase and pyroxene minerals. It most commonly forms as an extrusive rock, such as a lava flow, but can also form in small intrusive bodies.

Basalt underlies more of Earth’s surface than any other rock type. Most areas within Earth’s ocean basins are underlain by basalt. Although basalt is much less common on continents, lava flows and flood basalts underlie several percent of Earth’s land surface.

Basalt can provide one with strength to continue through difficult times and bring solidarity to ones life. It can be useful to dissipate anger and for providing understanding and guidance in situations where “bouncing back” is required. It is best activated and energised during the full and new moon phases.

It can be useful in treatment of the reproductive system, to enhance fertility and to help in the development of muscle structure.


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Copper is perhaps one of the most useful magical metals in a magician’s armoury as it can be used with all forms of magick and spellcasting. The magical properties of Copper can be used for a whole multitude of things as
it is one of the best energy conductors available and this certainly includes magickal energies. Many magic wands are made of Copper for that very reason.

In healing magick, Copper directs and focuses both electrical and physical energy, thus aiding in the body’s healing processes. Copper amulets positively influence blood condition and the body’s circulation system and
Copper is said to protect the blood against disease due to its enhancing effects. These appear to include the stimulation of the blood’s ability to carry and utilise oxygen, hormones and vitamins and to also enhance the
blood’s ability to carry away waste and toxic materials.

Copper is also thought to enhance the body’s immune system, strengthening its ability to ward off infections.

It is popularly used as jewellery to ease many pains; that of sciatica, strained muscles and ligaments and used very widely in easing the discomfort of arthritis and rheumatism.

Copper appears to have the property of greatly stimulating mental energies and therefore it enhances concentration and conscious awareness generally. As it appears to have the property of revitalisation and combating tiredness
and lethargy, it is a handy force to have at hand.

It is widely used to aid communication and channeling because of its ability to stimulate the mind and to conduct those psychic mental energies very well indeed.

Copper is employed in cleansing and purification rituals as it conducts negative energies away as easily as it conducts positive energies in.

As well as Healing Magic, with Copper’s Magical Properties, it is used extensively in Love Magic as it both attracts and strengthens emotional bonds. Being a magical attractor, it is used in wealth and money spells as well as in general Luck attracting.

There is thought that Copper is associated with the deities Aphrodite and Ishtar. It is also associated with the deity Astarte and as a result, further associated with ritual and rites towards the demon Astaroth in the Occult arts.

Please note, the above relates to the external magical properties of Copper only. Ingestion of metals can be injurious to health and even prove fatal.


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Azurite is a soft, deep blue copper mineral produced by weathering of copper ore deposits. It is also known as Chessylite after the type locality at Chessy-les-Mines near Lyon, France. The mineral, a carbonate, has been known since ancient times, and was mentioned in Pliny the Elder’s Natural History under the Greek name kuanos (κυανός: “deep blue,” root of English cyan) and the Latin name caeruleum. The blue of azurite is exceptionally deep and clear, and for that reason the mineral has tended to be associated since antiquity with the deep blue color of low-humidity desert and winter skies. The modern English name of the mineral reflects this association, since both azurite and azure are derived via Arabic from the Persian lazhward an area known for its deposits of another deep blue stone, lapis lazuli (“stone of azure”).

Azurite crystallises forming masses, Nodules, Films, Stains and In rare occurrence, Tabular and Prismatic Crystals.

It is known as the stone of heaven. It Stimulates the pursuit of the heavenly self And augments guidance via the third eye. It awakens the development of the psychic self And provides insight into all areas of life. Azurite also promotes the recognition of intuitive information which is relevant to loving ways to further the talents. This stone controls the flow of energy and precisely the amount of energy required in any situation.

Azurite enhances the creative ability and helps to eliminate indecision and worries which are quietly agitating in the back of ones mind. By Simply holding azurite the minds troublesome thoughts can be dissolved.

Azurite in the nodule form Is particularly useful to stimulation of the third eye and the psychic self. On an Etheric level it induces memory. Is also beneficial on the sacral chakra and heart chakra For the recognition And manifestation Of the bestower of good Within each person. It aligns the Chakras and attunes the body To the ethereal nervous system, in turn Allowing for the unimpaired flow of energy. In meditation, This stone provides relaxation and easy entry Into the state of “no mind”.

Azurite has been used in the Treatment of disorders of spinal Alignment and vertebrate malformation. It can be used in the treatment of circulatory disorders, To clear toxins from the body, And to stimulate the function of the synapses. It emits energy conducive to Enhancing the flow of motion and can be beneficial in the prevention of spasms and tics.

Crystals to Help With Stress

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Axinite is a brown to violet-brown, or reddish-brown bladed group of minerals composed of calcium aluminium boro-silicate. Axinite is pyroelectric and piezoelectric in composition.

This crystal has been used in helping one to submit gratefully to changes. It provides a grounding energy in all endeavours. It is also a polarising stone, aligning the energies of the physical with the energies of the Earth.

Axinite inspires friendship and exhibits an energy which is conducive to stabilising relationships. It provides a driving force towards intelligent direction towards pursuits and impetus to guide one to the areas behind the scenes.

It can be used in the treatment of disorders relating to the adrenal glands, muscular system and ambulatory functions. Axinite has also been used in the alignment of the vertebrae and spine, and in the process of mending breaks and fractures.

Beta Quartz

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Beta Quartz does not exist at a temperate below 573 degrees C. Some quartz crystals are pseudomorphs of Beta Quartz crystals. They are composed of hexagonal dipyramids, which are a pair of opposing six sided pyramids, and the crystals lack prism faces.
This mineral has been used in divination and dowsing. Beta Quartz provides clear directional information and responding to all questions. It represents the height of mental achievement, facilitating a limitless range of avenues for exploration.

Beta Quartz is known as a DNA Crystal for returning the DNA to an original state or reprogramming. It has been used for the treatment of highly infective dis-ease as well as by others working with those afflicted.


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Ammolite is fossilized ammonite that has been compressed under great pressure beneath the ground, which is what gives it its wonderful colors. Ammolite is said to radiate positive Earth energy, and to bring good luck and prosperity. It is also said to grant miracles. Ammolite is excellent as a tool for deep meditation. Ammolite is also used mystically for general good health, stamina and high energy.

Ammolite is one of the key crystals on Earth today that we can work with in order to be conscious and active leaders of this evolutionary shift. Ammolite assists us in anchoring our energy field into the electromagnetic field of mother Earth, and into her crystalline core to assist us in fully awakening our DNA. As our ‘junk DNA’ becomes active, we have the potential to grow as a human species in LOVE, consciously Living the One Vibrational Energy that gives rise to all of creation. As we grow in LOVE we honour our diversity, and come together in unity and enduring peace.

Traditionally, Ammolite is placed over the Light Activation Point (the energy centre just above the third-eye) or worn as a pendant over the higher-heart, to support its greatest potential of weaving the threads of awakened wisdom through every level of being. Within our holographic universe each of us are fractals of the whole, thus as we individually embrace our highest potential, we are the highest frequencies of light, love and illumination for all of creation to do the same.

Selenite – (also known as Satin Spar and Desert Rose)

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Selenite is often referred to as the light bringer, due to its linear crystal structure it behaves like a natural fibre optic. If any light is shone through the material it is transmitted down the full length of the crystal. This is a physical manifestation of its metaphysical properties. The crystal structure is very linear and is easily cleaved into natural wands .
It could be considered as the sword of awareness cutting through assumptions and promoting re-connection between the conscious self and the inner mystic.
Selenite allows direction of energy into the body and energy system to remove blockages which result in disease

Associated with the Greek Goddess Selene, Selenite contains feminine energy and is often used to connect and commune with the Divine, especially goddess energy. Some use Selenite for angelic or spirit guide connection, or aid in interacting with the Ancients.
Selenite and Apophyllite are the only two minerals powerful enough to clear negative energies out of Quartz Crystals.
Selenite is further unique in that it is the only mineral capable of programming Quartz Crystals. Place any crystal, specimen or pocket stone you have been working with on top of your Selenite Wand. You can set a number of different stones in a row. The Selenite will both clean any energies present and recharge your other crystals and stones.

HEALING PROPERTIES – Healers have used Selenite to see into the body & understand what is needed to heal it. Use the calcium in Selenite to heal ailments of the spinal cord & the skeletal system. It can heal on a cellular level, even overcome some of the destructive effects of cancer and age. Selenite has also been used to help stabilize epileptic disorders. It brings flexibility on the physical plane as well as the mental. Giving strength to bones & new energy to tired inflexible muscles.
Selenite also is said in crystal healing lore to remove blockages for healing, align the spine, good for the skeleton, and decrease epilepsy and seizures.

*Word of Warning*
Selenite can be permanently damaged if exposed to water, so do not cleanse or immerse it in water for any reason.

Andesine (Sunstone)

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Andesine is a type of Plagioclase/Feldspar that crystallises in granular and volcanic rocks of medium silica content
And ranges in colour from white to yellow, with rarer pink and orange being seen coming on to the market.

This mineral is an excellent choice for activities related to thought transference one may transfer information ideas and loving emotional messages and receive in return the touching interpersonal experiences of the energy of the universe.

Andesine produces an energy that assist in bringing order and actively discourages chaotic and disruptive growth it is used to stabilise and produce order within the mental physical emotional and spiritual systems.

Helps impart objective and detached reasoning in situations that require both viewing and acting on information impartially Andesine relates to the 3rd chakra and is useful for digestive disorders
And is very useful when used to treat high cholesterol, in its white form it relates to the Divine/universal energy and can facilitate transmission for other mineral energies

* There are sources of very highly artificially treated Andesine (that is supposed to rival Oregon Sunstone)
on the market coming from China that is marketed as genuine Tibetan Andesine and some from the Republic of Congo but no confirmed mine sources for this mineral have been found in the Congo so far, please research before buying

Analcime (Zeolite Group)

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Analcime inspires creativity. It can help to maintain a healthy mental/emotional and physical state when facing change and/or transformation. This mineral helps you towards achieving mental clarity, it resonates strongly and clears the Heart Chakra although the subtle colour variations that occur allow some leeway when working with the other Chakras

It brings harmony and due to its highly stabilising properties Analcime works incredibly well in-group activities and enhances all aspects of teamwork. This allows you to bring more individuality and creativity into life, especially where subjugated by the restraint of others in the group dynamic

Analcime is used in crystal healing and folk healing for diabetes and other pancreas problems
Analcime’s structure however has a typical zeolite openness about it that allows large ions and molecules to reside and actually move around inside the overall framework. The structure contains large open channels that allow water and large ions to travel into and out of the crystal structure.

The size of these channels controls the size of the molecules or ions, therefore Analcime can act as a chemical sieve and can be used to strengthen muscles and muscle structure particularly those that are atrophied, organic problems arising from kidney function and water retention Analcime is also used for conditions that reduce mental clarity such as brain tumours.

When Analcime is present in rubies it is useful for physical vitality, communication skills and strength in all endeavours, and Analcime dispels weakness in all bodies and produces an energy that is more suited to stabilisation rather than activation


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Tangerine Quartz

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Tangerine Quartz

(There is a distinct difference between Tangerine Quartz and Golden healers in the fact Tangerine Quartz is coloured by Hematite, and golden healers by Iron oxide)

Tangerine Quartz can be used to stimulate healing of any dis-ease, as its function is to harmonise the higher vibrational energies of the aura, light body or subtle body.

It is believed that physical dis-ease is a consequence of dis-harmony in the energies of the subtle body.

Tangerine Quartz assists in the treatment of sexual dysfunction and infertility, used to relieve lower abdominal pain.

Tangerine quartz enhances one’s strength to continue both those things that are needful and those one wants.

It also helps balance the emotions, levelling them to make one feel more calmly detached instead of panicky or upset.

It is used to expand the etheric vision.

It helps with encounters with others, bringing giving and receiving in a balanced way to relationships.

Tangerine quartz can increase and enhance evolution of the inner self.

It is a stone that promotes creativity and sexuality

On the physical plane, tangerine quartz has been used in crystal healing for reproductive system disorders, weight loss, and AIDS.

Tangerine quartz is related to activating the sacral chakra, helps one to maintain a healthy yin-yang balance, resolve control issues and express our natural creativity

Aurora Quartz

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Aurora Quartz

(Anandalite, Rainbow quartz, Iris Quartz, 7 Colour Quartz)

A natural white opaque quartz only found in India that has some natural opalescence possibly due to the presence of rhodium, It seems to be of two grades: the best of it reflects the sun as a rainbow, similar to the effect of some treated Angel Aura quartz.

Other pieces are a pure white and do reflect colour in bright sun.

Anandalite as a trademark is named for the Sanskrit word meaning “Divine Bliss.”

Aurora Quartz is a healing stone considered to stimulate the kundalini energies in the body. It enhances self-awakening and helps fulfil one’s true potential. It can ease disappointment, as well as bring joy and happiness. It helps a person to access the Akashic records and may give you insight into past lives.

Aurora Quartz due to the colour spectrum show can be associated from base to crown chakra

However its specialty is in opening the crown chakra.


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Alabaster is clear to white but can be gently shaded with other trace minerals It is a massive form of gypsum (carved Calcite is often mistakenly called Alabaster) The name is derived from its early source at Alabaston in Egypt, It has been used extensively in the Middle East and Eastern countries, notably used to make Canopic jars and the material was used as containers used to transport precious oils and attars on the spice route.

Ameliorates heart conditions and mental disorders by diminishing internal anger, and can assist a person to be more forgiving Drawing on its origins this is a stone that resonates with the sun and can give insight and help unlock the secrets of the pyramids, and as such should not be placed in water as it may weaken the crystal bonds and cause the stone to flake.

Cleansing should be done in sunlight, can be used to cleanse other crystals in particular quartz. Alabaster is a drawing stone and is called the stone of art, Alabaster allows us to bring about a rapid shift of energy and can disperse negative accumulations, in particular those from past lives. It can bring insight and creativity, placing Alabaster a few inches above the head will help in the cleansing, clearing and balancing of all chakras.

Alabaster can assist in the bridging of the conscious mind to the super conscious mind, allowing one to connect with one’s Spirit/Higher self Encourages feelings of peace and calmness and is used to combat stress, heal arguments or calm an angry household. A protective stone, especially for the little ones and anyone innocent at heart and is often used as Shamanic tool and by Light workers.

Black Aegirine

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Black Aegirine

This mineral is found in Greenland, Russia, Canada, Africa and the US.

It is a sodium iron silicate.

When Found in its green state, it is called Acmite.

Aegirine can assist one in being true to the self and bring strength in Personal convictions and moral codes.

This mineral can assist by dispensing the effects of group pressure, bringing acceptance of the self without conformance.

Using this mineral for the generation of energy is excellent as it promotes positive energy within an area and interaction between all present.

It has been used to remove emotional blockages to allow one to reflect on personal experience and attitudes.

Aegirine has been used in the treatment of immune deficiencies and to increase the energy applied by other minerals during any healing situations.

It is an excellent choice to protect one from psychic attack and negative energies.

Champagne Aura

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Champagne Aura

Champagne Aura helps to Connect and balance the chakras from the Sacral Chakra to the Crown Chakra In doing this, Champagne Aura can help to ground higher spiritual ideas into physical reality

Champagne Aura harmonises and stimulates the immune system, assists in the treatment of cellular disorders of the nervous system, clears blockages from the subtle body and then smooths and calms the energy.

Can help when working on issues that rival between the spirit, mind, heart, and instincts, by resolving the conflict that often occurs.

Using Champagne Aura Quartz can reconcile all these different perspectives’s so that the whole solution is achieved.

Carry Champagne Aura Quartz when called to fulfil altruistic purposes Champagne Aura provides a strong energetic defence to unwanted energies

Desert Rose

  • Posted on September 13, 2013 at 5:33 am

Desert Rose

Desert Rose is not technically a stone. It is formed when lighning strikes sand and liquidises it. The melted sand then solidifies into beautiful, flower-like crystalline forms. Because it has been created with the massive power of a lightning strike it can be used magically to bring vast, fiery energies to any spell you are working.

Desert Rose must be used with caution.

The power that it holds can be overwhelming and if not used with care it can have disastrous or unforeseen consequences ~ like using the proverbial sledgehammer to crack a nutshell.

Breaks down barriers and melts away any fears that are preventing you from progressing.

Burns away doubts, increases confidence and belief in your abilities.

A very powerful stone when used to transform a situation, but again you must be very careful how you proceed.

The power of this stone is not subtle and you may find that you lose control of the ways in which your life is being transformed.

A form of gypsum (selenite) created in deserts and on beaches when lightning strikes the sand and instantly melts & fuses it.

Very powerful, bringing energy & confidence.


Overuse can bring headaches.

Helps control emotional outbursts & overcome self-imposed negative belief systems.

Quietens worry.

Promotes insight, judgement.

Clarifies thinking, mental vision & perception.

Used to help chronic fatigue, epilepsy, osteoporosis, detoxification, over-sensitivity to cold or temperature.

Enhances bone structure/stability and has been used to help alignment of the spinal column.

By Lady Fae

Kiwi Aura

  • Posted on September 13, 2013 at 5:29 am

Kiwi Aura

Kiwi Aura helps heal blockages caused by emotional trauma, to instil courage and bravery in the user, to promote feelings of comfort and safety (especially when in strange places), and to encourage self-love and forgiveness.
Helps to protect on the emotional plane, resonates with the 4th Chakra to bring about necessary change and to break old patterns or belief systems, and to help one to appreciate the beauty in life’s everyday happenings
Helps the self-feel connected to unconditional love and assists to let go of fear based ego
Helps foster deep appreciation for nature and our place in it, used to connect one with nature spirits and beings of the Fairy Realm,

Red Amethyst

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Red Amethyst

This crystal can be recognised by druzy type crystals in typical amethyst type form.
However, the crystals faces are completely included / coated by rouge-red hematite.
Individual crystals separated from the druze show a dark amethystian / smoky interior.
Red amethyst takes on the properties combined in smoky quartz red hematite and amethyst, making it a balancing and grounding stone beneficial to the whole chakra system.
It holds within it a quality of “Christ consciousness”, the melding of the human soul with the divine.

Tangerine Quartz

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Tangerine Quartz

(There is a distinct difference between Tangerine Quartz and Golden healers in the fact Tangerine Quartz is coloured by Hematite, and golden healers by Iron oxide)

Tangerine Quartz can be used to stimulate healing of any dis-ease, as its function is to harmonise the higher vibrational energies of the aura, light body or subtle body.
It is believed that physical dis-ease is a consequence of dis-harmony in the energies of the subtle body.
Tangerine Quartz assists in the treatment of sexual dysfunction and infertility, used to relieve lower abdominal pain. Tangerine quartz enhances one’s strength to continue both those things that are needful and those one wants.
It also helps balance the emotions, levelling them to make one feel more calmly detached instead of panicky or upset. It is used to expand the etheric vision.
It helps with encounters with others, bringing giving and receiving in a balanced way to relationships.
Tangerine quartz can increase and enhance evolution of the inner self.
It is a stone that promotes creativity and sexuality
On the physical plane, tangerine quartz has been used in crystal healing for reproductive system disorders, weight loss, and AIDS.
Tangerine quartz is related to activating the sacral chakra, helps one to maintain a healthy yin-yang balance, resolve control issues and express our natural creativity

Don Pedro

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The largest single cut of aquamarine is the “Don Pedro.” This specimen is on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.
The original crystal weighed 100 pounds, measured over 3 feet in length.
It was also mined in Minas Gerais, Brazil in 1980.
The piece was cut to an obelisk with a weight of 10,363 carats, is 14” tall, 4” wide.


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Acanthite is the low-temperature modification of silver sulphide.
All natural silver sulphide specimens at room temperature are acanthite.
This mineral crystallizes in the form of iron black orthorhombic configurations.
In ancient Times the Saxons revered Acanthite as a protective force.
Warriors carried it in a small carved bottle to provide preservation of the self and dispel evil.
It was also thought to bring foresight and wisdom.
This stone can be used to bring strength in times of need and to assist in the removal of obstacles.
It can be used as a mirror to internal dis-ease stimulating the sight of self from outside the body.
It provides one with patience and perseverance in the healing of the body and allows one to understand the underlying reasons of the problem.
Acanthite has been used to treat bacterial and viral infections and to lessen the symptoms of cold and flu.
It has also been used in the elimination of toxins at a cellular level.
It can be used to increase absorption of vitamins a And e into the body and also treat immune deficiencies.


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Adamite occurs in crystalline forms as a bright yellow-greenish tabular crystal or as an overgrowth of small, usually interlocked crystals on other minerals.

It can be used to join the intellect (third Chakra) with the heart (fourth Chakra) in order the help produce stability of the heart guided by the intellect.

It also provides for inner strength when dealing with the emotional issues, and helps one to vocalize personal sentiments.


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This mineral Is a type of Crysoberyl, a pleochroic (color change) gemstone discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia in 1834; named after Czar Alexander II, on whose birthday it was discovered; it is quite rare and expensive and has always been considered a good luck amulet and favorite gemstone of the Russian aristocrats.

This stone is regarded as possessing regenerative powers.

It enhances rebirth of the inner and outer self.

Alexandrite provides the inertia to bring about changes In ones world through manifestation.

Alexandrite can facilitate the centering of oneself and reinforce self esteem through the interconnection of nature.

It can also be used to align the etheric bodies to create a more balanced state.

Alexandrite has been used in treatment of disorders concerning the spleen, pancreas and testicles.

It also assists the regeneration of neurological tissue on a cellular level.


  • Posted on September 11, 2013 at 10:44 am


Adularia is a form of Orthoclase (also feldspars), found in the form of crystals configured with 8 sides 4 of which are triangular, it is used to enhance devotion to a cause, purpose or person, and assists ones ability to see the positive attributes in allConnects to the heart and crown chakras, opening and cleansing these chakras.

It opens one’s consciousness to connect with the higher dimensions to receive guidance and wisdom, and to connect with one’s “inner self” so that one may gain insight into patterns and issues that are affecting areas of one’s life work Adularia can be used in the treatment of the parasympathetic nervous system to stabilise and calm the heart/mind and to integrate one’s feelings or thoughts into one’s life’s experiences

This broad spectrum of integration energies make it excellent when studying and practicing Clairvoyance, Soul Travel, and divination skills

Adularia has shown success in helping treat snow blindness

Aqua Aura

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Aqua Aura

As with all Aura Quartz the combinations not only exhibit the vibrational properties of quartz but the vibratory metals used to bond with it
The two or three have a synthesis of unique vibrations created to be used
Aqua Aura encourages inner truthfulness during communication.
It can also be used with the Third Eye, Throat Chakra and Crown Chakras, increasing psychic skills and heightening spiritual awareness.
Aqua Aura aids in communication from the heart to the head, allowing one to recognize and speak their highest truths.
Use Aqua Aura for meditation or psychic healing.
Aqua Aura is especially good for distance healing work, and can also help protect against psychic attack by raising vibrations to higher, more positive levels.
Use the strong but peaceful energies of Aqua Aura to cleanse and relax the aura, releasing stress and repairing any holes/voids found there. and will then stimulate and activate all of the chakras.
Use Aqua Aura to help release negativity from the various subtle bodies.
Wearing or carrying Aqua Aura can help when working under pressure, or in an environment with a lot of negativity Use Aqua Aura to enhance the healing properties of other crystals.
It will help to enhance the healing properties of other crystals when used for body work or gridding.
Holding Aqua Aura while meditating will quickly raise your vibration/energy frequency.

Tanzine/Indigo Aura

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Tanzine-Indigo Aura

Tanzine/Indigo Aura resonates with the Violet Ray (Violet Flame) rather than the Blue Ray.
High vibration crystal which can help with non-attachment and releasing Karmic debt, therefore excellent for ascension work.
Aids intuition on a slightly different level to Aqua Aura,works with the Third Eye, and Crown Chakras , providing access to the Source for inner-knowledge and enlightenment, A spiritual stone, Tanzine/Indigo Aura Quartz is helpful in recognizing the Christ consciousness within.
Tanzine/Indigo Aura Quartz aids in communications with the spiritual realms (guides, angels, guardians) and can be used to access information from the Hall of Records.
The Gold and Indium in Tanzine/Indigo Aura allows one to significantly raise their vibrations, allowing them to release negativity.
Carrying Indigo Aura (Tanzan Aura) Quartz in your pocket can help when encountering situations loaded with negative vibrations.
Called Tanzine after its similarities to Tanzanite.

Rose Aura (Ruby Aura, Magenta Aura)

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Rose Aura

Vitality and passion are this crystal’s key-words.
Super where lethargy is present, especially after a long or persistent illness and also for restoring vivacity and strength after grief or loss.
Protective on a physical level, Helps treat bacterial, fungal and parasitic infection, useful in treating endocrine system, can be used to treat sciatica and lower spine disorders, helps treat conditions of the large intestine
Use at the 1st or 4th Chakra to
(a) instil vitality, to aid the body in detoxing, for motivation, to help warm the physical body (especially symptoms of the flu such as chills), to aid in moving the Kundalini energy throughout the body (either rising or returning to the resting state), and to promote balanced circulation in the body.
(b) Helps instil a sense of Loving kindness, to help heal emotional trauma, to aid in enhancing forgiveness, to aid in recovering from any type of abuse on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level, and to help one find a tactful way to communicate in difficult situations.

Generator Quartz Crystal

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Generator quartz crystal

This crystal is identifed by a configuration of six crystal faces joining together to form the terminated apex.

This crystal is ‘THE’ quartz crystal for energy generation.

Generators are useful for energy magnification and for stimulating all portions of the physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and subtle bodies.

It has been used to cleanse the chakras, and clear any negative energies .

It is sometimes used as a focal point in the centre of a group, while the group is involved in healing or spiritual issues, in order to facilitate the connection with the energy between all members.

Excellent results are received when a small generator crystal is used as a pendulum.

The generator crystal has also been used ot rectify localised energy disturbance.

It acts to dissipate the disturbance and to replace any disorganised energy with stable energy.

Natural generators and crystals polished in the configuration of generators have the same properties.

Tabby Quartz

  • Posted on September 8, 2013 at 12:26 am

Tabby Quartz

This crystal can be Recognised as a flat crystal, usually with etching or notches on one side. If the width is not at least twice the depth (thickness), it isn’t a tabby.

Tabbies are “high frequency” crystals and are used to activate other crystals and minerals. A way to achieve this is by holding the tabby in your hand of preference and rub the crystal across the notches in a downward motion, while holding the other stone in the opposite hand.

Faden Quartz

  • Posted on September 8, 2013 at 12:11 am

Faden Quartz

This crystal can be identified by the presence of one or more white Thread like Fibrous formations within the stone. The word faded is derived from the German translation “thread”.

The Faden visible within the quartz is due to being Surrounded by either a fluid filled or gaseous filled chamber. Usually the Faden Material will be located towards the centre of the crystal running perpendicular to the termination of the crystal.

This type of quartz has only been found in the fissures of metamorphic formations. Faden quartz does not form in pegmatite or cavities of sedimentary rock like other quartz crystals.

This crystal is the “connection” stone, stimulating and furthering connective forces between the self and that which is chosen to receive. It assists in maintaining and producing the ethereal connection between one and the other. Faden Quartz has been used in past life ascension and during astral travel and for the exploration of parallel dimensions, by opening the pathway.

It is an excellent stone to use on all chakra centres and Faden lines represent the seed point of growth and they have the ability to activate or start new growth within you or within someone you are working with.

Sceptre Quartz

  • Posted on September 7, 2013 at 7:36 am

Sceptre Quartz

This type of crystal can be identified by the presence of a crystal form around a rod like structure at the base.

Used in Atlantis and Lemuria in healing ceremonies and were a symbol of the power of the realm; those who carried or wore a sceptre crystal were in the position of “high priest/priestess”.

It is an excellent configuration for transmission of directional energy.

This crystal brings the spirituality of higher planes into the healing ceremony and focuses the energy deep within the heart of the matter.

These crystals are also found in reverse structure.

The reverse sceptre activate the same properties and further serve to return healing energy back to the user.

Sceptres are excellent to use on the crown chakra.

Self Healed Quartz

  • Posted on September 7, 2013 at 7:34 am

Self Healed Quartz

The Self-healed Quartz Crystal is recognised by small crystalline structures at the location where the crystal was removed from its matrix or home.

The self-healed crystal is one which was separated from a secure base or was damaged during its growth, but continued to reach the inherent natural state of perfection by forming smaller terminated faces. These faces together appear like a lace-type design of finished edges.

Another type of self-healed crystal is one which has broken and the crystal structure began again and completed itself. The self-healed crystal, having learned to heal itself, can lend this knowledge to the user and can share the experience of self-healing.

One may use the crystal for healing of the self or in ‘crystal healing’ of another person. One method of utilization of this crystal is to place the self-healed crystal in the hands of the subject, or on an area of the body of the subject, in order to send to the subject the knowledge of the art of self-healing. This crystal takes situations, which appear to be devastating, and helps them to fulfill themselves – utilizing the law of the perfect order of the universe and the creativity of natural completion.

Manifestation Quartz

  • Posted on September 7, 2013 at 7:33 am

Manifestation Quartz

Manifestation (also called Inner Child) crystals have a particular configuration where a small crystal has grown within a larger crystal. Manifestation crystals are quite rare and exceptional.The power of these crystals is to isolate a potentiality and to bring it into reality, that is, to manifest it.Manifestation crystals connect you to the energy of creativity.

Additionally, manifestation crystals assist in releasing negative energies, trauma and experiences from one’s past and helps to release inner turmoil. They nourish and strengthen all creative endeavours the arts, business, spiritual development, science and so on.

Manifestation crystals are extraordinary stones that require the inner knowledge that one is a clear and perfect channel, that a pure white light provides the guiding way and that the purity of the divine is within the inner self

Laser Quartz

  • Posted on September 7, 2013 at 7:31 am

Laser Quartz

The laser configuration has been used to bring access to the astral, ethereal and higher planes, in order that you may remove barriers and understand the patience of stepwise progression. It can assist in proceeding through traumas and through changes with ease – promoting the understanding of the trauma and the bases for change. It further allows the knowledge that the end of each journey, each experience, and each incident is the beginning of a new delight. It has been used to align the physical body with the subtle bodies and to bring an electro-magnetic alignment to the energy fields of the body. It can also be used in the removal of energy blockages. This mineral also assists in the removal of doubts – your doubts are recognized and ejected through conscious understanding that you can accomplish anything if you truly have the desire to do so and if you remove self-limitations.

This Growth Interference Quartz truly places you in the situation of being ‘completely in command’ of your life. The energy serves to bring you a universal protective force and acts to stimulate the knowledge of any impending danger. It has been used to remove physical blockages within the body, to promote the healing of cuts and abrasions, and to provide information concerning the most positive way for rejuvenation and recovery from any disorder Laser wands are a variety of quartz crystal, usually identified as a long crystal that gradually tapers from base to tip.

The facets at the tip are often very small, but should be present for the crystal to be effective as a laser wand. The shape of these crystals focuses energy very tightly in the direction of the tip, and is immensely useful when the object of your intent is located in a specific place that you could point to (such as a body part, another crystal, a stationary object, another person, etc).

They are often used at the top of staves, wands, and other items meant to send energy in a particular direction. Their use in this way not only focuses the intent of the item in a certain direction, but also enhances the energy of all other stones and crystals in the object (all quartz crystal has this property!) In addition to its ability to focus energy, laser wand quartz can also be used to ‘cut out’ negative things that have attached to us (recommended for experienced crystal practitioners) negative energies, bad attitudes, self-destructive patterns, and other foreign influences can be separated out and dissipated using the energy or a laser wand (They are often used with other stones to soften the effect)

Can be highly protective by implementing a energy field to surround the body and can with practice enable a near chameleonic appearance where by you can blend in with the background They are often used with other stones to soften the effect used to Accessing Lemurian and Atlantian information and by providing a source of divine white light

Key Crystals

  • Posted on September 6, 2013 at 7:01 am

Key Crystals

A key crystal has an indentation in one of its sides that narrows as it penetrates.

This indentation is normally 3 or 6 sided, but sometimes 4 sided have been found Key crystals assist in uncovering hidden information, concealed information.

They are also used to uncover and heal the part of the self that tends to be illusive.

Key crystals are used to bring about more analytical problem solving, discover keys to healing wounded aspects of the self, and gain admittance to concealed or obscure messages which are inherent.

Using a key crystal in meditation can bring the calm of healing to the difficult to acknowledge secrets of the self as well as find the way to greater spiritual growth

Double Terminated Quartz Crystals

  • Posted on September 6, 2013 at 6:58 am

Double Terminated Quartz

This crystal can easily be recognized by the presence of a point at either end of the crystal.

This type of stone is multi purpose as energy moves from either end of the crystal.

Double terminates are Good for for astral projection and lucid dreaming – place them under your pillow at night and they can increase and intensify the dream state.

They are excellent in meditation.

They can also be used to assist in providing one protection from mental and physical harm. Carrying a double-terminated crystal can enable one to maintain ones energy shield.

The double terminated quartz is symbolic of patience and perseverance which is beneficial during healing situations.

These crystals have been used to move sickness from the body to a location which transforms the disorder from negativity to positivity.

Elestial Quartz

  • Posted on September 6, 2013 at 6:45 am

Elestial Quartz

Elestials are recognized by multi-terminations on the body and faces of a layered and etched crystal An Elestial is far more complex both energetically and geometrically than a single crystal. If a single-pointed crystal is likened to a calculator, then an Elestial is a very complex computer.

They are like crystalline switchboards linking multiple dimensions, times and levels of consciousness to one another In their interaction with humans, they appear to be able to manifest that information, which at that time is required in order for a person to take their next step in becoming more conscious. It can assist one in overcoming emotional burdens, to bring the heart and intellect into synchronicity, and to help one look within and to find the love that has always been there.

They help us to recall the wisdom teachings of the Ancient civilisations that functioned as Caretakers of the Earth, and to integrate those teachings into our nervous systems, so that we exemplify those teachings in thought, word and deed, effortlessly and automatically Elestial quartz will focus and amplify your natural leadership abilities building self-confidence, and personal power. If you are starting a business, starting a career, or have an new leadership position and are excellent healing crystals, that have a potent vibration for creating healing, within the etheric body.

They are helpful quartz formations to aid sleep problems, and in preventing nightmares. If you have a painful area in your body, place the Elestial crystal on the spot and allow it to aid the pain. There is a number of healing attributes associated with these healing crystals.

They are excellent for bone related problems, especially following surgery. They will help you to ease a variety of problems, including epilepsy and schizophrenia, ameliorates erratic and/or confused thoughts. as they allow us to flow in change and actualisation . can be used to stabilise brain wave frequencies and to assist healing on a deeper soul level.

Elestial crystals by nature possess the power to integrate the energies of multiple crystals into a unified energy field, I have found the Elestials that I use being Smoky and Super Seven types are very earth based and grounding, exhibiting very feminine energies Also known as Crocodile Quartz, Jacare quartz, Skeletal Quartz

Rainbow Quartz

  • Posted on September 5, 2013 at 10:15 pm

Rainbow Quartz

This type of crystal can be identified by the presence of beautiful areas of rainbows appearing within the crystal formation. These occur because of ancient fractures which have occurred in the stone. These areas of rainbow bring rainbows into ones life and are a gift of spirit. These crystals help one to deal with negativity and help to maintain a constant awareness that love surrounds ones life experience in all moments. The rainbow crystals produce the full colour spectrum, the white light of healing being dispersed through the individual rays of the rainbow. This crystal is excellent on all of the chakra centers.

Growth Interference Crystal

  • Posted on September 5, 2013 at 10:13 pm

Growth Interference Crystal

This type of crystal can be identified by the appearance of being carved by a trim saw. Growth interference crystals have been found in Russia. These crystals have shared their growing expanse with thin flat calcite crystals of a type that are name Papierspat by geologists of Switzerland.

This type of growth interference appears to have occurred towards the end of the growth cycle of thin clear quartz. The calcite were sub parallel during growth and developed at an angle towards the lower prism faces of the quartz.configuration has been used to bring access to the astral, ethereal and higher planes, in order that you may remove barriers and understand the patience of stepwise progression.

It can assist in proceeding through traumas and through changes with ease – promoting the understanding of the trauma and the bases for change. It further allows the knowledge that the end of each journey, each experience, and each incident is the beginning of a new delight. It has been used to align the physical body with the subtle bodies and to bring an electro-magnetic alignment to the energy fields of the body. It can also be used in the removal of energy blockages.

This mineral also assists in the removal of doubts – your doubts are recognized and ejected through conscious understanding that you can accomplish anything if you truly have the desire to do so and if you remove self-limitations. This Growth Interference Quartz truly places you in the situation of being ‘completely in command’ of your life.

The energy serves to bring you a universal protective force and acts to stimulate the knowledge of any impending danger. It has been used to remove physical blockages within the body, to promote the healing of cuts and abrasions, and to provide information concerning the most positive way for rejuvenation and recovery from any disorder.

Channeling Quartz

  • Posted on September 5, 2013 at 6:36 pm

Channeling Quartz

The Channeling Quartz Crystal is recognized by the configuration of a large seven-sided face, located in the center front position of the terminated end of the crystal; a triangular face is located on the opposite side of the crystal.The “seven” of the one crystal face represents precision within the intuitive realm of the higher mind and the analytical understanding inherent in the mental and physical bodies.

It is symbolic of the student, the professor, the mystic and the seeker of wisdom.

The three-sided triangle on the opposing side provides for creative and innovative verbalization of inner truths.

The “three” represents the both prerogative and the power of speech and the ability to both creatively and joyously express the self. In this configuration, the “seven” represents the accessibility of innate wisdom and represents the ability of manifestation and verbal communication.

The combination represents initiative and the interdependence between the world of the physical self and the perfection of “All That Is”.

The channeling crystal provides for a means of channeling and expressing truth and wisdom from both the inner realms of perfection and the other worlds.

It provides for a conscious connection to the higher wisdom which is available from the higher-self and/or to the wisdom of experience and enlightenment which is available from the other side, Isabel Silerira in “Quartz Crystals” tells us it also helps you channel your inner light into the world.

There are 434 different types of channeling crystals. Each type will connect you to a specific group, entity or source of specialized knowledge within the Spirit world.

Always check the information, given by the entity, with the personal inner knowing.

Curved Quartz

  • Posted on September 5, 2013 at 6:34 pm

Curved Quartz

A curved crystal showing internal fractures and self-healing has been produced during developmental stages of crystal growth, whose growth pattern forms a true curve, as opposed to those which are clearly bent from fracture and regrowth and is a rare occurrenceIt is a meditation and healing crystal used for building resilience and fortitude.

It allows you to see the inner workings of a problem understand both the superficial and deeper meanings inherent, it allows one access into the interior of the body to understand disorders providing information for the “fix” Aligns physical meridians and nervous system used to treat spinal deformations and misalignment, and can align mental, physical, emotional, etheric, and astral bodies either singularly or with one another.

It has the power to sharpen and increase your personal power to resist strong pressure, to be reed like, bend not break, during a “Life isn’t fair moment”

If you have an apparently unsolvable problem, can’t see a way ahead, use a curved crystal to help you see around your difficulty

Etched Quartz Crystal

  • Posted on September 5, 2013 at 5:57 pm

Etched Quartz Crystal

This crystal can be recognized by the presence of hieroglyphic like markings on the outer surface of the crystal. The Etched Quartz Crystal can be recognized by the existence of abrasions located upon the outer areas of the crystal. The abrasions appear to be a type of hieroglyphics.

This formation has been used to facilitate contact and the transfer of information from the ancient Egyptian civilizations and from Lemuria and Atlantis.

The transliterations of the symbols bring information relevant to ones life at the time of translation. They were once used in the healing temples of these ancient civilizations and, the markings also contain information of experiences in which they have participated.

They also have contained information with respect to the healing methodology, which has been proven successful over eons of time and throughout the universe. They have been accessed during the meditative state and have provided information concerning techniques utilized in the ancient civilizations of the Earth and of other locations in the universe.

The Etched Quartz Crystal is usually a personal meditation crystal. Meditation with the crystal is easily accomplished by placing the “hieroglyphics” upon the third-eye. Subsequent to this placement, close the eyes, still and open the mind, initiate circular breathing, relax, and be prepared to receive the information.

If one is meant to experience an Etched Quartz, the universe will provide.

The Etched Quartz Crystal, which is made available to one contains the information, which will be beneficial to ones personal development and/or will provide information, which will assist one in helping another.

Buddha Quartz

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This particular formation is most commonly found in Quartz and Danburite crystals. When the faces of the crystal, at the main termination, are lined up in a certain way one can see a formation that resembles that of a sitting Buddha. Channeling, Transmitter, and Dow crystals can also exhibit this feature.

The best way to try and locate a Buddha is to hold the crystal termination in front of you at eye level. Look directly into the 7-sided front face, while centering the 3-sided back face in the middle. If you have a Buddha crystal, the outlines of the faces will reveal what appears to be the shape of a sitting Buddha.

They can be found in both naturally terminated crystals and crystals polished or faceted into those shapes or configurations.

They are said to be excellent crystals for meditation facilitating the “No mind’ These crystals are said to assist one in following their path towards and the manifestation of enlightenment and love, while acting as guides in the physical, mental, and spiritual realms.

They are also said to help transfer ancient wisdom of Shangri-La into the present consciousness.

They are also said to be aids for astral and spiritual traveling, and bring harmony adn accord to those who share this energy

Giant Quartz Crystal

  • Posted on September 4, 2013 at 4:58 am


Giant Quartz crystal mined from a deposit in Arkansas.
This would be amazing to have in any collection.

Barnacle Quartz Crystal

  • Posted on September 3, 2013 at 10:47 pm

Barnacle Quartz Crystal

This crystal can be recognized as being covered partially by smaller crystals.

The large crystal within the form is the “Old Soul” and contains wisdom and trust which attract the other smaller crystals.

This is an excellent meditation stone for community and family problems.

It is also great for companies and organizations.

Barnacle Quartz helps stimulate group cooperation and unity.

When suffering loss, it is also a great crystal of companionship.

The Bridge Crystal

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-LFM )0(


The Magick of Minerals replied with this: A Cross is one crystal growing at right angles to another. The crossing crystal is joined to the other but does not completely penetrate it. The terminations of both crystals are separate. A bridge crystal has another crystal protruding partly or fully from another crystal.

The Bridge Crystal

A Bridge Crystal is identified by a small crystal penetrating partially in and out of a larger crystal form.
It’s properties lie in the facilitating a bridge between the inner and outer worlds, between the individual and others living on the planet.
It is an excellent stone of reflection within the self and beneficial when working with aspects of spirituality and advanced metaphysics.
The Bridge crystal is a communicative stone when sharing knowledge with others.
Very beneficial in the teaching and understanding between mentor and student.

The Cross Quartz Crystal

This crystal can be recognised by the presence of quartz crystal in the shape of a cross.
It is the tool of the lightworker.
A Cross Quartz assists the removal of implants in otherworldly nature. Whilst stabilising the centre of the self, this crystal represents multiplicity and promotes continuing uninterrupted connection with the ethereal light. Cross Quartz is another excellent stone for humanity encouraging the appreciation of nature, and for the advancement of knowledge in spiritual realms.
When using this crystal in chakra balancing, it has an amplifying and sweeping action which clears and activates all centres after placing on a chakra.


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Quartz is composed of silicon dioxide. This mineral crystallises in the form of grains, masses, prismatic hexagon crystals, and Druzes.

The common name for quartz is rock crystal.

Quartz emits certain properties which are both piezoelectric and pyro electric in nature.

In basic terminology this means that the polarity of the crystal changes when it is either subjected to pressure or heat, and also when it is held in the hand.

The tip of the crystal which is positive and receiving in energy transmutes to negative, therefore emitting energy which may radiate from the tip or an edge.

It is in these properties that support the amplification, storage, focus and transformation of energy.

Within the nature of Quartz, it can be harnessed to dispel static electricity and redirect energy towards a beneficial state of being.

It produces a solid energy field for the user to work with in accordance to the users need and nature of understanding.

Quartz is recognised as the most universal ” Stone of Power” which acts as a catalyst to amplify all energies available to humanity.

As it is purifying in nature, it allows for the facilitation of aligning the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

It is a great tool in dispelling negativity, in turn transforming the energy towards ” love , light and harmony of the plant”.

Cluster Quartz Crystals

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Cluster Quartz Crystals

This type of crystal is known for the occurrence of crystals within a cluster.

These are great for cleansing, activating and increasing energy of other minerals and similar crystals.

Crystal Clusters radiate energy into a surrounding area and also are used to absorb negative energy.

A simple technique for charging and cleansing other stones is to leave them on a crystal cluster overnight.


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Ruby is a powerful stone for use in healing. It is thought to cleanse the blood of toxins And stimulate circulation. Ruby is said to act on the adrenal gland and help the body fight infection.

A ruby stone encourages you to listen to your heart and work on fulfilling your dreams. Bringing awareness to points where you could improve yourself, thus aiding in self improvement.

Red is the color of love and passion making rubies highly valuable for those in a relationship or are searching for one.

The Ruby Corresponds to the HEART CHAKRA and The BASE CHAKRA.

Ruby is Comprised of aluminium oxide Or otherwise known as corundum. It forms as trigonal crystals And Is found as a six sided prism formation.

Rubies come in red colours and this is because of the presence of chromium. They are also fluorescent because of this compound.

The best quality Rubies are mined in the Mogok region of Burma, where the colour of these stones are referred to as Pigeons blood.

Thailand also produces many rubies but these hold traces of iron giving the stones a brown tint.

Another area where rubies can be found is Sri Lanka.

Rubies from this area are generally pink in color.


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Emerald is known as the ” Stone of Successful Love”. It’s soothing qualities bring healing to all levels of being and a renewal in vitality and of the spirit. Emerald is the seeker of love and revealer of truths and inspires the ongoing drive for justice, compassion and harmony.

Emerald promotes balance in love and friendship and known to promote domestic bliss and loyalty. It is also brilliant in focusing one on creative and artistic pursuits. Emerald corresponds to the HEART CHAKRA. It is beneficial by stimulating the energy centre to promote compassion and respect when dealing with others.

Emerald Is a form of Beryl.

It is comprised of aluminium and beryllium in silicate.This stone forms in a hexagonal structure and gets its colour from ions of aluminium amongst crystal matrix being replaced by chromium during formation. Most Emeralds are not found Clean and are usually seen with flaws. Emerald is a must sought after stone and has been known to the Ancient Egyptians and other notable civilisations well before 2000 BC.

Columbia is by far the largest producer in the world of Emeralds and mines 50 to 95 percent of the earths production.

The Bahia Emerald is one of the largest emeralds (or rather, emerald crystals embedded in host rock) and contains the largest single shard ever found. The approximately 840 lb (1,900,000 carats) stone originated from Bahia State in Brazil. It narrowly escaped flooding during Hurricane Katrina in 2005 during a period of storage in a warehouse in New Orleans.It was subsequently reported stolen in September 2008 from a secured vault in South El Monte in Los Angeles County, California.Whilst the stone has been valued at some $400 million, the true value is unclear. At one point, the emerald was listed for sale on eBay for a “Buy It Now” price of $75 million.

It originally was mined in the beryl mines of western Bahia State, Brazil, from which it takes its name. Bahia is an archaic form of Portuguese baía, meaning ‘bay’ after the bay first seen by European explorers in the 16th century.

Brandberg Amethyst Crystal

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Brandberg Amethyst Crystal

Behold the Brandberg Amethyst Crystal.
Brandberg Amethyst is a high energy mixture of clear quartz, amethyst, and smoky quartz only found in the Brandberg Mountains of Namibia.
It is a swirling mix of colors, inclusions, sometimes enhydros, phantoms, and unusual formations.

I am yet to acquire one of these specimens as they are extremely expensive.

The Empress of Uruguay

  • Posted on September 3, 2013 at 2:39 am

The Empress of Uruguay

The Empress of Uruguay is the world’s largest Amethyst Geode.

Originally from the north of Uruguay, the 3.27 meters tall Empress arrived at The Crystal Caves in November 2007 and two large cranes were needed to lift her into her current position.

This is the main attraction at the Crystal Caves in Atherton, Queensland.

This Amazing Amethyst was victim of a brazen act of vandalism in 2011 where a thief removed a large chunk of crystal from the geode.

Even so, the Empress is a truly spectacular specimen.

Red Jasper

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Red Jasper

Red Jasper occurs in amazing colours of the red spectrum.

It was a famous stone of the ancients for extracting the poisons of snake and spider bites.

It’s Healing properties are Strength and courage, even more so in stressful situations.

Red jasper is also beneficial in Sexual health and Fertility.

Red Jaspers corresponding Charka Centre is the ROOT or BASE CHAKRA.

Indians in Asia as well as Native Americans see jasper as a magical rain stone and also a powerful healing stone.

Red Jasper has been associated with the goddesses Demeter and Freya, And also the God of War and Ares.

Lapis Lazuli

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Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is said to be associated with self-confidence, truthfulness, openness and inner tranquility.

Lapis Lazuli is the ancient stone of mental and psychological health.

It promotes spiritual healing, mental calmness and strength of will.

It increases psychic abilities and is beneficial for emotional well being.

Lapis corresponds to the THROAT CHAKRA and may be helpful in thyroid and endocrine disorders.

It also can be used On The THIRD EYE or BROW CHAKRA for activation of the Psychic Centers.

This stone is a valuable talisman for repelling negative energy and for gaining respect from others.

Lapis Lazuli is said to be sacred to the Goddesses Nuit ,Isis, Ishtar, Athena and Aphrodite.

In Summerian mythology, the goddess Inanna (a forerunner of Aphrodite and Venus) journeyed into the underworld carrying Lapis Lazuli rods and measured time and the length of a person’s life.

It was believed crystals were the flesh of the gods and that the gods were crystal beings

Snowflake Obsidian

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Mystical Properties:
Obsidian in general helps to alleviate pain, reducing tension and releasing energy; it is also told to accelerate the physical healing of wounds.

Obsidian is an excellent stone simply to have around to absorb and transform the negative energies in to positive.

It will vibrate calmness and security, and stabilize the energies of all persons within it’s reach.

More specifically:
Snowflake Obsidian aids in clearer and more logical thinking.

Carry this stone to keep others from taking advantage.

This stone will reveal what needs to be changed in life to assist one in advancing.

Blue Calcite

  • Posted on September 1, 2013 at 3:50 pm


Is a calming stone that brings about stability.
It will stimulate trust in oneself and enhance the memory.
Quite helpful in calming frayed nerves.
It also is told to be effective against laziness.
Which also makes it a wonderful stone for students, as it helps retain lessons learned and amplifies learning.
It will also foster enlightened discussion, and eases communication between people with opposing views.

Elestial (Jacare’) Crystals

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Tiger’s Eye

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Tiger Eye polished gemstones - Red, Blue and Golden

Healing and Magickal Uses

Balances energy levels and the metabolism.
Detoxifies the body.
Aids energy flow throughout the body.

Reduces cravings and addictive behavior.

Protects from psychic attacks and psychic vampirism.

Can be used in magickal workings to help the conservation of tigers and other big cats in the wild and care for them in conservation parks.
Used in prosperity rituals.
Aids in grounding.
Attracts money while curbing impulsive spending or risk taking.
It is said that when you carry a piece of tiger’s eye, by the end of the day any deception will be revealed.

Care and Cleansing:
Recharge in late afternoon sun.

Natural History:
Oxide and quartz found in the United States, Australia, India, and Mexico.

History and Folklore:
Roman soldiers carried tiger’s eye to encourage bravery in battle.
Said to contain both the power of the earth and the sun.

Associations Angel:

sacral, solar-plexus


Astrological Sign:



The Sun

Imperial Topaz

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• Known for its energetic effects, Imperial Topaz brings thoughts and emotions into focus, helps to promote physical and mental “digestion,” and activates and balances the solar plexus.
• By strengthening the inner self, it greatly increases the capacity of comprehension, will, clarity, concentration, and creativity.
• It brings awareness of and respect for the illusory nature of the material, and the eternal quality of the spiritual.
• Encourage self realization and confidence
• Impart strength to quiet wild emotions
• Banish bad dreams • Bestow charisma on its user
• Topaz draws love to its wearer
• Protection against envy, disease, negative magic
• Combined with tiger eye, topaz will bring wealth and money Healing properties :
• Stimulate the appetite
• Aid in nervous exhaustion
• Activate life force and metabolism

As it promotes a connection with the consciousness of wisdom, it is often used in cases of nervous trauma, exhaustion, and depression, and also alleviates the pain of rheumatism, acts against negative influences, and helps with weight loss


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Divination, Luck, Money

Magickal Lore: A Cornish spell states that tin can turn into silver if placed into a tank of ants on a certain night of the moon’s cycle (first of all, which night, and second of all, do the ants get a share of the wealth?)

Magickal Uses:

This metal of Jupiter is used in a divination similar to the one dicussed with lead. On New Year’s Eve (a good night for foretelling the future), melt some tin in an iron cup. Once it’s metal, throw the tin into a bucket of icy water. When it’s cool, look at its shape, and at the folds or patterns within it.
Carry tin for good luck, and small carved images of dollar bills made from tin can be money attracting talismans.

Black Tourmaline

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The simple purpose is Protection.

Animal totem – Shark.

Essential oil – Caraway.

Chemical composition – Sodium Iron Aluminium Boro-Silicate Hydroxide.

Affirmation – “I trust in my infinite light, Fear is illusion, Love is real”.

Keywords – Protection, Trust, Confidence, Personal Power, Inner Light, Security, Panic and Stress.

Body Card Placement – Black Tourmaline works mainly on the Base Chakra.

Color Rays – 38% Black, 26% Gold, 26% Silver and 10% Red.

Rainbow Obsidian

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Rainbow Obsidian is black obsidian but when polished and exposed to a brighter light – will show bands of colors making up the rainbow! Hardness ranges from 5-6.This stone is a great stone that is very helpful with meditation – especially when used to help with fear, stress or any negative emotions. Rainbow obsidian is a stone that holds protective energies towards depression and other mental dis-eases. It can help with PSTD and other mental dis-eases by helping the consciousness grow and adapt to new thought processes. This stone also helps by opening and balancing the senses, which allow for deeper and greater meditative states. Through this reason, it is also a stone that is typically chosen when doing prophetic works.

Rainbow obsidian is a stone of soft energies – it is known to be very gentle and easy-going stone. It works to block out out negativity, thus helping self-control.

Rainbow obsidian works with the element of fire to help renew passion within — aiding to create a grounded foundation of the passion, allowing it to be strong and full.

This stone works with the 1st and 6th chakra — typically working on past challenges and issues, thus bringing up emotions and thoughts that may not have been properly dealt with. It is recommended to be extremely cautious while working with this stone, as it can bring up negativity from the past — and while the stone will work to remove the negativity, some thoughts and emotions from the past may affect you in your current stage in life.

Rainbow obsidian holds the properties of black obsidian in the fact that it is also a grounding and centering stone as well. It can help to relieve stress and worry – sadness and anger, although it is highly recommended to cleanse and charge this stone VERY regularly due to it’s absorbing natures. Works well with clear quartz – especially when answers are not clear with the rainbow obsidian as the clear quartz will help to clarify the answers.


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Opalite is a delicate clear or milky iridescent stone, which when placed on the Crown Chakra in meditation is said to enhance psychic abilities and induce visions. In healing Opalite is believed to stabilize mood swings and purify the blood and kidneys.

The ‘Stone of Eternity’ brings forth the understanding of the true-self, the true spirit, to free the spirit. The knowing that one can soar higher than expected, can reach unimaginable goals and join as one with the ultimate all, the whole of who we are and why we are.

Opalite teaches the being within, that freedom is not held back by the physical self, it is not held back by race, by language, by religion, by beliefs or by capabilities. This stone encourages one to explore within and all around to learn that even the most unimaginable life goals can be reached, they do not just have to be dreams.

A stone to bring one to an understanding that what one touches does not just end there, what one tastes does not just fade, what one sees does not just disappear. There is a wisdom behind all, and that wisdom is to be used, that memory goes past the physical self, it is used for eternity.

Opalite brings peace to all, it is a very beneficial stone to keep in areas where peace and serenity are needed. It is also a very Beneficial stone to be used in the deepening of the sleep state, gain knowledge and courage from dreams in order to better oneself in day to day life.

Also, Opalite help’s to soften a harsh atmosphere or a soften a “hardened soul”. This is a good stone for the release of fears and worries. To help one to face both hope’s and fear’s together, alongside accepting and growing with change.

“The being often lower’s at change, but it is through change that the being can grow and flourish, that Mother Earth can grow and flourish, that Life can continue”

Opalite strongly attracts light beings, it a stone to use in communication’s to the Angelic kind and to attract positive light energies to any being or any area.

A very beneficial stone in helping one to have raised hope and strength, good for lessoning anxiety and soothing frayed nerves.

Opalite gives a gentle reminder that being alone in the past, now or in the future, was and is not of truth.


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Fluorite helps to ground excessive energy, particularly mental, emotional and nervous energy. It is a powerful healer, it affects all the chakras as well as mental attitudes. It is excellent for use in cleansing the aura…it is known to ride the aura of cording (unwanted attached energy lines from other people).

Fluorite aids in channeling as well, excellent for connecting with the Akashic records for answer to your past lives. It is particularly helpful in aiding inter-dimensional communications, particularly with Nature spirits, faeries, elves and other fae folk. Use with other stones to amplify their effects, especially if you are working towards spiritual wholeness and development, truth and peace.

Although usually translucent, fluorite comes in shades of white, brown, blue, yellow, purple, red, or colorless, and green fluorite is a valuable helper in grounding excess energies.

Healing Properties:
Fluorite may be used with other stones.
It helps to open the way for the power of other stones to be effective.
It can be used as a meditation stone to help energize the body and raise the power of concentration.
When placed directly on an affected area, fluorite gradually removes pain.
The direct application of the stone is also particularly helpful for ailments such as energy blockages, respiratory issues, suppurating wounds and skin diseases as well as arthritis.

Healers use it to help with ulcers as well as the respiratory tract by stimulating cell regeneration in these areas.


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Carnelian enhances and vitalises the physical, emotional and mental bodies.
It’s warm and joyous energy attunes with the inner self helping to open the heart.
It is excellent for restoring vitality and motivation and for stimulating creativity.
Carnelian is full of life force and gives us courage and vigar to make the right life choices.
It helps anchor you in the present reality, aiding concentration and willpower, allowing you to trust yourself and your perceptions.

Improves quality of the blood, stimulates the metabolism, circulation and blood flow.
Aids tissue regeneration, helping the kidneys, lungs, liver, gall bladder and pancreas.
Helps to overcome abuse.


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Jet is organic in origin, and is also known as black amber, although it is not actually an amber, but rather fossilized wood. Like coal it is formed by the remains of wood that has been immersed in water for millions of years, then compacted and fossilized. When burned or touched with a hot implement, it often exudes the characteristic smell of coal.

It was used extensively in mourning jewelry in Victorian times due to its somber color and modest appearance. This stone has long been considered a stone for alleviating and bringing grief to the surface to be healed. Medieval healers believed that burning jet was a cure for fevers and all manner of different illnesses.

It has been mined since 1400BC and worked pieces of jet have been found in prehistoric burial mounds. In the 16th century jet was used to create rosary beads for monks, as it was told that the gemstone would invoke the favor of God, the Greeks believed that wearing jet would ensure the favor of Gods, and the Pueblo Indians buried the gemstone with their dead, as it was believed it would protect them in the after life.

Scientific Properties:
Mohs Hardness of 2.5 with a amorphous crystal structure.

Like coal, jet is formed from the remains of wood immersed in stagnant water millions of years ago, then compacted and fossilized by the pressures of burial in the earth.

There is evidence that suggests that Jet may have been mined since about 1400BC; remains of worked Jet pieces have been found in prehistoric burial mounds.

Jet is generally black or dark brown, and may contain inclusions of pyrite, which may create a brassy, metallic luster. Due to the fact that jet is organic, it may dry out, causing the surface to crack, so take care in any jet pieces that you may own.

Also called Black Amber, Jet may induce and electric charge when rubbed, just as an amber does…contrary to this commonality, jet is not amber, and should not be considered such.

Mystical Properties:
Jet has historically been used as a protection stone and is said to have very powerful protection energies to ward off evil, negativity, as well as psychic attacks, it is considered one of the most powerful absorbers of “negative energy, i.e., depression.

Because it absorbs so much negative energy, and therefore very beneficial if you are prone to depression or it’s ailments.

Jet helps the wearer to be alert to all things and quickly come up with constructive solutions to any problems.

Jet is said to control all demons and thus prevent demonic possession. It draws out negative energy from the aura, and can initiate psychic experiences. It uncovers past negative energies a person still carried in their subconscious mind, and will help in understanding and working with life and karmic cycles.

Healing Properties:
Mystically, jet is considered a stone of sympathy, as it will provide great support and help alleviate the pain and suffering associated by separation of the death of a loved one.

It also helps to ease headache pain directly behind the eyes.

Jet should be frequently cleansed of the acquired negative energy and recharged by placing it in sea salt one night and among rock crystals the next. Neither water nor sun should be used in it’s cleansing and charging.

Magical Properties:
Energy: Receptive
Element: Earth, Akasha Deity: Cybele Powers: Protection, divination, luck, health

Jet is a protective stone that protects against evil spirits, magic spells and witchcraft. It should also protect it’s owner from enemies. According to legend, jet worn continuously on the body, is thought to absorb the wearer’s soul. While this is true of many stones, jet was thought to be especially powerful, and such stones were carefully guarded, for in the wrong hands they could be used to manipulate their original wearer.

Along with amber, which jet is magically “married”, this beautiful black gemstone has been found in many a prehistoric grave sites.

Contemporary Wiccan high priestesses, especially those who follow the basic ritual patterns popularized by the late Gerald Gardner, often wear necklaces of alternating amber and jet gemstone beads.

Associations: Saturn

Not a Traditional Birthstone for any Month Stone of Capricorn, to dream of jet means an upcoming period of time when events may be depressing.

Chakra Classification:
Jet is most effective and most powerful when placed on the 6th, or Third Eye/Brow Chakra.

In direct chakra therapy, one should lie on the back in a relaxed manner, place the stone in the middle of your forehead or over the Third Eye, and simply concentrate on your 6th, or Third Eye/Brow Chakra, it will help strengthen psychic abilities and awareness.

Although jet is associated with the 1st, or Root/Base Chakra, when used on the upper Chakras, jet helps Kundalini energy raise in a stable way from the base to the 7th, or Crown Chakra, thus assisting with transcendence.


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Aventurine Gemstone
You should never buy a lottery ticket without an aventurine in your left pocket.
Lady Luck will be in your left pocket.
This is the stone of opportunity.
Aventurine is known as the stone of chance or luck.
If you gamble or play the lotto, keep this stone in your left pocket.
Aventurine is mainly quartz, a quartzite, usually containing mica.
It occurs in several colors including green, red and blue.
Green Aventurine is the stone of luck and chance.
It is said to increase perception and creative insight.
It is a heart chakra stone.

Rutilated Quartz

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Quartz stones that contains mineral inclusions are called “rutilated quartz” or “sagenite”, popularly known as Venus-hair stone.
Rutiles are small needlelike crystals.
These may be red, black or brassy yellow.
Golden rutilated quartz integrates energy at many levels.
It heightens the energy of other quartz stones and is an important healing stone.
Illuminates the soul Cleanses and energizes Removes barriers to spiritual growth Filters negative energy
Rutilated quartz is an excellent stone to use if you need to change your direction in life.
It soothes dark moods, offerring relief from fears, phobias and anxiety.
The needle inclusions add intensity and transmission power to the crystal.

Healing properties of rutilated quartz:
Healers use this stone to aid respiratory difficulties, regeneration of cells, flow of energy throughout the body.
It is considered an excellent balancing stone for a sad or weak heart.


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Stone Lore:
Emerald is a symbol of love and good fortune. This stone is used for abundance, growth, peace, harmony, patience, love, fidelity and honesty. It used against negative energy and has been used in many forms of divination. Most effective on the Heart Chakra perhaps because it access desires held deep within. Emerald provides inspiration and helps those in need of balance, healing, and infinite patience. Lifts depression, helps with insomnia, knowingness of the heart and peaceful dreams. Helps the wearer gain physical, emotional, and mental equilibrium. The pale, clear, green Emeralds are valuable in meditative work, as well as healing. It works best when combined with a diamond or worn alone. It gives wisdom from the mental plane, so that the possessor is motivated to give love and wisdom to others. Do not wear an Emerald constantly. It should only be worn when the wearer feels the need to have it near. They were used to strengthen memory, to aid in eloquence, and to reveal the truth or falsity of a lover’s oaths. This stone is regarded as a powerful remedy for all problems of impaired imbalances, therefore, creating harmony. Emerald attunes to cancer and is one of the 9 sacred Vedic stones associated with mercury.

Folk Remedies:
This crystal is the most recommended stone for breathing issues, heart health, swollen lymphnodes, blood problems, the thymus, the pancreas ( for blood sugar rebalance), labor/delivery, eyesight, and the etheric field. Excellent general healer. Emerald was considered an ancient blood detoxifier and anti-poison. Helps strengthen the backbone and alleviates problems associated with sugar diabetes. Emeralds are of special value to athletes, chiropractors, lecturers, marriage counselors, masseurs, optometrists, people who work in radioactive areas, and those who work in close quarters. It improves psychic abilities, raises consciousness, and helps the individual attain balance. Also enhances the immune system. This stone is regarded as a powerful remedy for all problems of impaired imbalances, therefore, one of the best stones for multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease, epilepsy and vertigo.

Feng Shui:
Emerald is used primarily in the Southeast direction for wealth, in the Southwest direction for relationships and in the North for personal growth and journeys.

Smokey Quartz

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smoky quartz 2

In crystal healing, smokey quartz crystals are thought to have cleansing properties with particular power to aid the kidneys, adrenal glands and reproductive organs – detoxifying the body and increasing fertility.

Provides strong cleansing and grounding qualities to the wearer. Have some negative energy in your life that’s keeping you from being focused and getting things done? Try carrying or wearing a piece of smokey quartz.

It is also said to give you endurance, help relieve depression and make you more in touch with the universe.

It is somewhat calming and is said to protect you from being affected by the negative energy of those around you.

Smokey Quartz gently dissolves negative energies and emotional blockages. It balances the ying-yang energies and is an excellent grounding stone. Smokey quartz clears and cleanses the secondary chakras in our palms to help enable us to feel our stones with ease.

This healing mineral also helps in the areas of spiritual development

Crystal Skull

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The famous Crystal Skull is an ancient Mayan made from rock crystal.

The Crystal skull was discovered by explorer F.A. Mitchell-Hedges in 1927 at Lubaantun, British Honduras.

It is estimated the Crystal skull may be up to 12,000 years old.

The Crystal skull was shaped by a succession of Mayan priests from a large block of pure crystal. It is thought it may have taken over 150 years to complete the Crystal skull.

The Crystal skull is said to bring a curse on those who mock it. Observers have reported sounds, odours and amazing light effects.

Laboratory tests that were carried out by Hewlett-Packard Company, Santa Clara, California reveal the skull has optical properties which would be virtually impossible to duplicate with modern day equipment.

There is a similar but rougher counterpart to the Mayan Skull. Discovered in 1889 in Mexico it is much cruder in execution. It is currently on display at the British Museum of Mankind, in London.

There is also the Paris Crystal Skull. A single piece of clear quartz held in the Trocadero Museum in Paris. It came allegedly from a soldier of fortune in Mexico in the late 1880′s. It has the most primitive of facial features and design.

The Amethyst Crystal Skull is a single piece of amethyst crystal discovered in a Mayan cache of artifacts in Mexico by a Mayan Brotherhood in the early 1900′s. Features are the circular indentations in the temple and a white squiggly line that goes the circumference of the Crystal skull.

There is said to be a total of thirteen crystal skulls in existence today.

By Sabrina


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Opal is hydrous silica, often with some iron and aluminum. Its chemistry is SiO2.nH2O; amount of water varies up to 10 percent. It ranges in color from White, yellow, red, pink, brown to gray, blue and even colorless. It is most easily recognized by its rich internal play of colors (opalescence). Its hardness ranges from 5-1/2 to 6-1/2. It is vitreous and pearly. The streak is white. It is not found in crystal form, rather is usually massive, botryoidal, reniform, stalactitic, and/or earthy.

Opal is a low-temperature mineral and usually develops in a wide variety of rocks as cavity and fracture fillings. It frequently develops as amygdules in basalt and rhyolite of volcanic rock and replaces the cells in wood and the shells of clams.

Common opal is widespread and can be readily obtained at many places, but localities for precious opal are rare and seem to localized in W United States and Mexico. Magnificent examples of opalized wood can be found in Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington, and lively green fluorescing opal (hyalite) occurs in seams in pegmatites in New England and North Carolina and in cavities in basalt near Klamath Falls, Oregon. Beautiful precious opal, as a replacement in wood, has been obtained in Virgin Valley, Humboldt Co., Nevada. Excellent fire and precious opal occur in lava flows in N Mexico. Nevada, Australia, and Honduras are sources for black opal; Australia and Czechoslovakia for white opal; Mexico and SW United States for fire opal.

Black, dark blue, dark green opal with dark gray body color and fine play of colors is called black opal opal with white or light body color and fine play of color is called white opal and transparent to translucent opal with body color ranging from orange-yellow to red and a play of colors is called fire opal. Play of colors depends upon interference of light and is not dependent upon body color. Black opal is the most highly prized, and fire opal is the most valued of the orange and red varieties. Most opal is fashioned into cabochons, but some fire opals are faceted.

The word is from the Sanskrit [upala,] meaning “precious stone.”

Opal is a birthstone for October.
“October’s child is born for woe, And life’s vicissitudes must know; But lay an Opal on her breast, And hope will lull those foes to rest.”

Opals have traditionally been considered “lucky” stones…but only for those born in the month of October. It has been considered bad luck to wear them if you were born in any other month.

Opal is considered to be able to confer the gift of invisibility on its wearer. To accomplish this, Cunningham says “The gem was wrapped in a fresh bay leaf and carried for this purpose.” He also says, “Opals are also worn to bring out inner beauty. A beauty spell: Place a round mirror on the altar or behind it so that you can see your face within it while kneeling. Place two green candles on either side of the mirror. Light the candles. Empower an opal with your need for beauty — while holding the stone, gaze into your reflection. With the scalpel of your visualization, mold and form your face (and your body) to the form you desire. Then, carry or wear the opal and dedicate yourself to improving your appearance.”

Opals contain all the colors of the other stones, thus, it could be used in place of any of them. (They are akin to quartz crystals, in this aspect.) Generally speaking, Opal is used more frequently for healing the spirit, rather than the physical body.

This stone carries immense quantities of energy, both positive and negative and is thus the stone of fortune and misfortune. It is also called the stone of the Gods since it carries all colors. It represents all four elements. it attracts to the wearer whatever is written on its self. It opens the visionary aspects of the mind and encourages and aids visions and psychic journeying. It also strengthens memory and revives and clears the mind. It is also used in prophecy and divination by placing over the third eye.

It offers protection from eye diseases (often by being wrapped in a bay leaf and being placed on the eyelid) It is used to grant wishes and to add to magickal workings. Placed in the left hand it gives affirmation of purpose, in the right hand it will strengthen the work its self. Placed on the forehead, it gives direction to thoughts and gives direct linkage to Mercury.

It provided strong aid when offering help and guidance for others but may be quite negative when used selfishly for ones self. Opals are absorbtive, they pick up energy of every type around them. They do not water. When surrounded by positiveness and security, they are quite clean and they are quite clear and bright but when negativity comes along they become cloudy. They guard a persons honor. They were once considered to be the patron stone of thieves. Also they keep the hair from going grey and are useful against boils. Opal: Stimulates pineal and pituitary glands. aids eyesight. Emotional balanceer. Enhances intuition. the full spectrum of colors resonates with all chakras.

Helps conscious connection with highest aspects of being.

Tiger’s Eye

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Tiger’s Eye helps with treating the eyes and is helpful for healing broken bones.

It helps you differentiate from what you want and what you really need.

Tigers Eye helps you feel good in your own skin and helps with depression and low-self esteem.

It balances yin and yang to help you lift your mood when feeling down.

It helps you to achieve the goals that you want.

This stone is very powerful and must be used for short-bursts.

If you feel attacked emotionally by other people, Tiger’s Eye will help block out those thought out of your mind and helps you feel stronger.

It helps you to seek clarity in your life and how to structure your life again.

It helps you to concentrate during tough situations and gives clarity, when you seek it.

Overall, Tiger’s Eye helps you with your mental and emotional health and spirit.

Other forms of Tiger’s Eye include Blue Tiger’s Eye which dissolves frustration or Red Tiger’s Eye which increases motivation.

How To Use:
WearTiger’s Eye as a pendant on your chest. Or, you can keep a Tiger’s Eye in your pocket now and again when feeling in need of an emotional boost


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Shungite is a soft coal like rock from Russia. Shungite has the ability to clean water from almost of all organic compounds (including pesticides), metals, bacteria and harmful microorganisms. Water from Lake Onega in Russia, can be used for drinking without any prior cleaning!

It is the result of thousands of years of interaction with Shungite. Commercial use of Shungite filters started back in 1990s, during that time there were conducted many experiments and studies on Shungite influence on the human body. Scientists came to conclusion that Shungite water is absolutely non-toxic. It was also proven that shungite water can be used without any prior boiling!

The water has strong antibacterial ability. During the experiments, water was contaminated with streptococcus of groups A and D. Experiment showed that only after half an hour in Shungite water the concentration of streptococcus group D decreased by the factor of 100 and group A by the factor of 900! Shungite cleans water of various chlorine compounds, nitrates, copper, magnesium, iron, cleans up visually dirty water, eliminates sour taste. Shungite removes heavy metals, chlorine, enriches drinking water in potassium.

Use of shungite water is recommended for the treatment of the following illnesses:
– Impotence
– Anemia
– Allergies
– Asthma
– Gastritis
– Dyspepsia
– Kidney diseases
– Liver diseases
– Diabetes
– Gall-bladder problems
– Immune system deterioration
– Pancreas diseases
– Common colds
– Cardiovascular diseases
– Cholecystitis
– Chronic fatigue.

Put the Shungite stones on the bottom of a gallon of water. After 48 hours the water will be biologically active. It is ready for external and internal use. You should put shungite stones on sunlight every month and replace the stones every 6 months. Not only does water infused with Shungite becomes ultra clean; it also becomes a colloidal solution of hydrated fullerenes, which are an essential part of the new generation of drugs. One of the examples is the antihistaminic effect of Shungite water. After the use of Shungite water there is a dramatic decrease of histamine in blood stream, thus causing a serious decrease in allergies. It is recommended to drink at least 2-3 glasses of Shungite water a day to cure or prevent digestive, muscular or neural system illnesses and to increase circulation of blood.

Daily use of Shungite water to wash face or body improves elasticity of skin, gives it a healthy look. Also it helps the drinker to forever get rid of acne, skin redness and other skin problems. Shungite water helps with hair loss. It strengthens hair roots and fights dandruff. Shungite water helps curing burns, cuts, callosities, arthritis, osteoarthritis and varicose veins. Simple mouthwash with Shungite water will cure sore throat, stomatitis, colds and tonsillitis.

I am not sure how accurate the above claims are but it is worth a try!!!

Cathedral Quartz

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Chakra correspondences:
Past life, soma, crown, soul star, stellar gateway, and beyond

Physiological correspondences:
Pain relief, multidimensional cellular processes, viruses

Very high

This Library of Light holds all possibilities and knowledge of past, present, and future; it is attuned to the Akashic Record. This Quartz formation has emerged now to assist in shifting the vibrational frequency of our planet and all who live here. I use one to help download information from the crystal oversouls regarding the deeper purposes of new crystals. Cathedral Quartz has many terminations coming off its main body, symbolizing the oneness of creation. It reminds us that, although we may experience ourselves as individuals, at the core level we are all one. In group work, Cathedral Quartz harmonizes and amplifies group intention, acting as both receiver and transmitter for group energy.

Cathedral Quartz has the master healing power of Quartz taken to a higher dimension, to work on cellular memory from the vibration of light. This crystal heals dis-eases carried through the ancestral line or by your own soul. Physically, anecdotal evidence suggests it is magical for relieving pain and for preventing bacterial and viral infections. (Place it directly over the affected site.)

Cathedral Quartz lets you access the fullness of your whole being and the history of your soul. It helps you remember who you truly are and why you assumed incarnation. Through working with Cathedral Quartz, you develop an unshakeable sense of your true value and reason for being. Each type of Cathedral Quartz has its own specific transformation power. Clear Cathedral Quartz sheds light on every part of your being, purifying and activating your core perfection as a child of the universe.

Citrine Cathedral Quartz is excellent for releasing poverty consciousness. It takes you back to your roots to examine your core beliefs about prosperity, helps you recognize your inner riches, and reprograms your soul to always expect enough.
By reminding you of the power of personal intention and the abundant universe, it enhances awareness of your own worth and attracts abundance to you. Smoky Cathedral Quartz transmutes negativity at any level. This is a powerful crystal for soul healing and karmic transformation. The smallest piece is potent, especially when used in grids. Invaluable if negative thoughts and toxic emotional patterns are causing dis-ease, this crystal brings in light and elevates vibrations to a place where negativity cannot take hold.

Black Tourmaline (Schorl)

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Chakra correspondences:
Earth star, base, higher heart (thymus); protects all chakras and seals the aura • Physiological correspondences: Immune system, spinal column, detoxification processes, motor function, lungs


Tourmaline is found in many colors due to a variety of chemical constituents, and ancient legends abound about its effectiveness as a protection amulet. Not all ancient sources can be uthenticated, however, due to confusion over the name Schorl, which is now applied only to Black Tourmaline. Most Black Tourmaline contains iron, making it a powerfully protective stone. Due to its inner structure, however, Tourmaline traps negative energy within it rather than bouncing it back and forth as iron-based stones are prone to do. Use it in a grid around your home to create a protective shield that blocks negativity or toxic energy of any kind.
Tourmaline is piezoelectric and pyroelectric, generating electricity through pressure or heat, such as from the sun. Due to its attraction-repulsion electrostatic property, it was named the “ash drawer.” This property was accidentally discovered by Dutch children, who were playing with the stone. Soon afterward, Dutch mariners began using the stone to draw ash out of their long-stemmed pipes. The Chinese used Burmese Black Tourmalines to make buttons for Mandarins’ hats.

Black Tourmaline protects the body against electromagnetic stress, negativity, and psychic attack. It may help to harmonize the brain and repattern neural pathways in malfunctions, such as dyslexia or dyspraxia. Realigning the spinal column, Black Tourmaline energetically stimulates the immune system and the thyroid gland. To relieve pain and arthritic swelling, hold this stone over the site.

Black Tourmaline is invaluable for sensitive people who are overwhelmed by geopathic or electromagnetic stress, including Wi-Fi, or by radiation. It draws the toxicity out through your feet and transmutes it into powerful Earth-healing energy. Wear Black Tourmaline at your throat or place it on your computer or other electrical equipment to block emanations and strengthen your auric field.
Wearing Black Tourmaline gives psychic protection, too. To transmute negative energy, place the stone on the name of the person who is instigating an attack. At a psychological level, Black Tourmaline helps you understand how holding onto toxic emotions or negative thoughts attacks you from within, creating dis-ease that ultimately manifests physically.
The stone supports you in acting and thinking positively, so you create a beneficial environment for yourself.

Fire and Ice (Rainbow Quartz)

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Chakra correspondences:
Cleanses and aligns all chakras; activates soma, soul star, and stellar gateway

Physiological correspondences:
Pineal and pituitary glands, endocrine system, reproductive and urinary tracts, the subtle and causal biomagnetic bodies

Exceptionally high

The bearer of sharp crystal intelligence, this high-vibration Quartz was thermally shocked to create a light bringer that carries cosmic fire within its numerous rainbows. Its innate power fertilizes the Earth and the soul, activating expanded consciousness. This Quartz contains inner figures that draw on shamanic medicine, and its symbols can be intuitively read for advice regarding soul transformation. You must feel worthy to work with this crystal and be ready to take responsibility for your own emotional, karmic, and ancestral healing—it will assist you, but will not do the work for you or magically dissolve the past. It gently brings up your own “stuff” and supports you during the process of transmutation. A crystal of joy and happiness, resurrection, and rebirth, it links polarities and integrates the full spectrum. The crystal resonates with the heart chakra of the Andes, the mountain range through which the Earth’s kundalini now flows. Fire and Ice carries the energy of Buddhist diamond healing and links to Raphael, Archangel of healing. It also connects to ancient Egypt and heals the results of misuse of power from that time.

Physically, Fire and Ice works through the pineal and pituitary glands, energetically reconfiguring the endocrine system and neurotransmitters. It may aid the reproductive and urinary tracts in both sexes, activating kundalini to sweep through the kidneys in a cleansing process. It also heals the etheric, causal, and higher spiritual bodies. Fire and Ice opens the central channel and ignites kundalini energy in the lightbody.

Fire and Ice contains the spirit of pure love. Its purpose is to encompass dark and light within itself to assist in the evolution of the Earth and everything on it. Particularly useful for spiritual manifestation, it has a strong resonance with the law of attraction. A crystal for new beginnings and profound growth, Fire and Ice reveals your soul’s purpose and creates a new personal reality. By opening the third eye and assisting kything, it lets you perceive different timelines, endless possibilities, and the beauty of All That Is through its interconnectedness to multirealities and higher dimensions. Fire and Ice recalibrates the resonance of all Quartzes to an expanded level.

Fire and Ice comes from a specific mine in Brazil and has a very high underlying energy. It is not common Crackled Quartz.


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-LFM )0(

Selenite is a stone of psychic communication, clarity, divination and intuition.
It allows higher consciousness helping to expand spiritual awareness.
A popular stone used by clairvoyants and mediums, Selenite will aid in otherworldly communications, psychic workings with spirit guides, angels, ancestors and loved ones.
It clears the mind, allowing for mental clarity and focus and dispells confusion and mental blockage.
A wonderful stone of protection, Selenite brings about peace within the home and amongst its occupants.
Selenite is a stone of fertility and is a wonderful stone for pregnancy, serving as a protection amulet to insure safe delivery.
Its also a great healing stone, helping to align the spinal column and promote flexibility.
It is said that Selenite guards against epileptic seizures.
It improves flexibility, improves energy flow, and helps to balance the mind, body and spirit.
The stone feels good in your hands, always warm to the touch.
Selenite is powerful stone.
It can also be used to clear any past or negative energies from other gemstones.
Never immerse Selenite in water, as it can be permanently damaged if exposed to water, so do not cleanse or emerse it in water for any reason.


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Almandite is the most common of the garnets and is usually the garnet found in garnet schists. Although only a small amount of this mineral is fit for gem use, it is nevertheless a popular gem.
It is the most widely used Garnet in the gem trade. More gems are faceted from Almandite than any other type of Garnet.
Well formed Almandite crystals are very popular among mineral collectors.
Almandite has a brilliant luster, but its transparency is frequently marred, even in very clear stones, by excessive depth of color.

Almandite is said to be particularly useful for strengthening the heart, to inspire love and to perceive truth. Some Almandine garnets display asterism when polished as cabochons. Such specimens are known as “Star Garnets”.

Legend :
The name Almandite comes from the word “carbunculus alabandicus” after the city of Alabanda in Asia Minor, where gems were traded at the time of Pliny the Elder.

Almandite occurs in India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Brazil,Wrangel Alaska, Germany, and Norway.

Green Aventurine

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Green Aventurine comforts, harmonizes, protects the heart, and can help attract love later in life. It is one of the premier stones to attract luck, abundance and success.
Green Aventurine has a particularly soothing energy behind it, and is recommended for working through unresolved emotional issues.
Green Aventurine is a great piece to use when working with the Heart Chakra and/or the Water Elements.
Green Aventurine is known as the good luck stone and is often used in rituals with green candles, or kept in cash boxes or drawers to attract money.
Green Aventurine has a particularly soothing energy behind it and is recommended for working through unresolved emotional issues.
You can also use Green Aventurine for gridding a home or workspace.
Green Aventurine is commonly known as a “stone of personal growth”, and offers opportunities for learning about oneself and one’s place in the universe.
Physically, Green Aventurine is an all-around healing stone with benefits for the lungs, liver, sinuses, and heart. Use Green Aventurine to loosen and release negativity and energy blockages, including disease.
Some wear or carry Green Aventurine to increase intelligence, perception and creativity.
Some even use Green Aventurine to improve their eyesight!

Chakra: Heart
Astrological sign:Virgo,Taurus
Vibration: Number 3

Stones Used For Visions

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Fire Agate
Blue Tourmaline
Green Tourmaline

The stone featured is Blue Tourmaline.


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Energy: Receptive
Planets: Moon, Neptune
Elements: Water,
Akasha Associated Metal: Silver
Powers: Protection, Wealth

Magical/Ritual Lore:
Mother-of-pearl is the lustrous, opalescent interior of various sea mollusks.
Though not a stone, it has been included here because of its long use in magic.
Mother-of-pearl has been used in ritual jewelry throughout the ages.
Seashells were the medium of exchange (money) in many parts of the world where metals were scarce or lacking, such as Polynesia.

Since this substance is the product of a living creature-the exterior skeleton, or shell-it is related to the fifth element, Akasha.
Collect mother-of-pearl (m.o.p.) yourself in stream beds or the ocean.
Since commercial m.o.p. is obtained by killing the animal which created it, it is therefore rather risky to use in magic.
Mystically, it relates to the ocean, to depth and movement.

Magical Uses:
Mother-of-pearl is placed on newborn babies to protect them from the perils of their new existence.

It is also a fine substance to use in wealth, money and riches spells. Empower a bit of m.o.p. with your magical need for money. Anoint it with seawater (which contains gold) or a money-drawing oil, such as patchouly or cedar. Place a silver coin or any pieces of silver next to the shell. Wrap a dollar bill or green paper tightly around the m.o.p. and silver object and secure with green string. Place this talisman on your altar between two green candles. Let them flame for ten to fifteen minutes while visualizing. Then carry the charm with you.


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Peridot – An amazing fact about Peridot is that it is also a gemstone from outer space, It has been found in meteors that have fallen to earth from deep space.


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LABRADORITE is a feldspar mineral exhibiting a high degree of labradorescence, an optical display of colors resulting from light refracting within lamellar intergrowths. The optical phenomenon of LABRADORITE is often also found in Moonstones. An increase in synchronicites and coincidences may occur when working with LABRADORITE. LABRADORITE may be used for spiritual awakening, protected astral travel, prophetic dreaming and shamanic journeying.

Watermelon Tourmaline

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Watermelon Tourmaline

Liddicoatite over Elbaite

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Liddicoatite over Elbaite


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The largest, highest quality natural specimen of amethyst found in the US


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Watermelon Tourmaline

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Watermelon Tourmaline

Peacock Ore

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Bornite ”Peacock Ore”


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Chakras – Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra
Zodiac – Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn
Planet – Venus
Element – Earth
Typical colours – light to dark green banded

Malachite is an important protection stone. Malachite absorbs negative energies and pollutants, picking them up from the atmosphere and from the body. Guards against radiation and clears electromagnetic pollution. Malachite clears and activates the chakras and attunes to spiritual guidance. It opens the heart to unconditional love. Encourages risk-taking and change, breaks unwanted ties and outworn patterns, and teaches how to take responsibility for one’s actions, thoughts and feelings. Malachite releases inhibitions and develops empathy with others. It alleviates mental disturbances and combats dyslexia. Enables you to absorb and process information. Releases negative experiences and old traumas. Stimulates dreams.
Malachite balances mood swings and heals cramps. It facilitates labour, alleviates menstrual disorders such as PMT and period pains, as well as menopause. Boosts the immune and nervous systems. Malachite lowers blood pressure, treats asthma, arthritis, epilepsy, fractures, swollen joints, growths, travel sickness, vertigo, tumors, the optic nerve, pancreas, spleen and the parathyroid. It aligns DNA and enhances the immune system. Malachite stimulates the liver to release toxins.

My Sweet Cat Iddy.

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My sweet cat Iddy. I found him w/ his litter of five. They were feral and starving. They looked to be about 3 weeks old. I found homes for them all. As far as I know, he is the only surviving one. He will be 10 this October.


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The world’s oldest known spider web has been discovered on a beach in Sussex, England, trapped inside an ancient chunk of amber.

Jordan Buddy

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I so miss you Buddy.

Jordan Buddy

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Jordan Buddy or as he was know by those closest to him as Psycho Jordan Buddy passed away this morning 4-7-2010. He went peacefully and felt no pain. His kidneys had shutdown which lead to other health problems. He lived a full and carefree life never having to go without. He came into our lives to fix a broken heart, and was there for us when it was broken many more times. Even thou we are sad to see this gentle heart go, we know we will never forget all the joy he brought into our lives. There wasn’t a single person that didn’t fall in love with him when they met him. He was wise and kind in his life and in his passing. He will truly be missed.